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iPhone XS Max Beginners Guide and Manual PDF


iPhone XS Max Beginners Guide and Manual PDF

iPhone XS Max Beginners Guide and Manual PDF - Get maximum performance on your new Apple iPhone XS Max from beginner's to advantages with our complete guide. Download free iPhone XS user guide, iPhone XS max manual PDF the iPhone user guide iOS 12.

iPhone XS Max Beginners Guide and Manual PDF

iPhone XS Max Beginners Guide
Lesson to improve your new iPhone XS Max / XS with our ultimate guides scroll free from beginner's to read and click the link for more information.

iPhone XS Max Camera Guide
iPhone XS Max Beginners Guide and Manual PDF
Use like a PRO. Take a shoot wit new iPhone more easy to add new effect also panorama mode and HD Mode.

How to Use iPhone XS Max Camera

These iPhone XS max user guide will help you to get various ways to access camera from the lock screen it's so quickly.


Manual iPhone XS Max camera
Slide right to the left of the lock screen,
The camera viewfinder automatically appears

Alternatively, use camera shortcut buttons iPhone XS on the right sight press to opens the camera app. Use of haptic feedback when you press the button.

iOS 12 Smart HDR Camera

The HDR mode iOS 12 brings out more detail image, avoids nasty shadows, and balances highlights, even though it shoots multiple images. With Smart HDR you will never notice any lag or time delay taking photo on iPhone XS/XS Max.

How to Turn off Smart HDR

iOS 12 Smart HDR is always on in the new iPhone, so how to turn it of or how yo disable Smart HDR and how to turn on HDR mode?

Do the following instruction carefully:

1) Go to Settings on your iPhone XS Max, XS, XR or other.

2) Tap Camera from the list.

3) Slide Off the Smart HDR button

We thing our iPhone tips will improve iPhone XS battery life by turn off Smart HDR.

You can control manually HDR mode by choose the following options:

On to use HDR when taking an image

Off to take photo without HDR

Auto: iPhone will use HDR when appropriate

For best image use HDR mode, Your new iPhone steady to avoid motion subject.

Portrait mode or Adjust the Blur

Picture mode has been enhanced the iPhone XS and XS Max, bringing a movable profundity of field that was never accessible on the iPhone. While we have seen the element on different gadgets that can create a iPhone XS bokeh impact, it's the first run through Apple has given us authority over the last photograph, and fortunately it's additionally accessible in both the front and the back camera.

iPhone XS Max Manual PDF

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